Ocean SUV series shares an SUV or 4 wheel drive car’s characteristics- designed and built to go anywhere in almost any conditions while cocooning the passengers in luxury and comfort. The exterior is frill free, easy maintenance and of a layout where passengers view the areas they explore from a loftier vantage point than on conventional transportation. An Ocean SUV offers exactly the same luxury interior of her less adventurous yacht sisters in a more rugged package. The Ocean SUV’s naval architecture ensures seakindliness and comfort in even in extreme conditions.


One area in which the car and yacht SUV concept diverge is efficiency. The automotive SUV has a bad reputation for fuel guzzling and these yacht designs are the total opposite offering extreme long range cruising; some 5000nm to 9500nm depending on model, through sipping rather than gulping fuel.


The Ocean SUV is available in three sizes: 90 ft, 116 ft and 150 ft. The series are built to RINA Classification and long range MCA LY-2 compliance.


360 View

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Specification of SUV 150

Length overall45.80m / 150‘3“
Beam8.80m / 28‘10”
Draft2.70m / 8’10“
Max Speed15.5 konts
Range9500 nm at 9.5 knots
Main engine2 X CAT C32,each 634KW
Fuel capacity78400L
Fresh water capacity20000L
Construction MaterialHull:Steel
Superstructure: Aluminium
Code ComplianceMCA LY2
AccommodationOwner/Guests : 5 cabins for 8
Crew  : 6 cabins for 10



Specification of SUV 116

Length overall35.36m/ 116‘
Beam8.33m/ 27’40”
Draft2.60m/ 8‘60“
Max Speed13 knots
Range7500nm at 10 knots
Main engine2 X CAT C18,each 448KW
Fuel capacity67520 L
Fresh water capacity10800 L
Construction MaterialHull:Steel
Code ComplianceMCA LY2
AccommodationOwner/Guests : 6 cabins for 10; 
Crew  : 4 cabins for 5



Specification of SUV 90

Length overall27.40m / 90’
Beam7.60 m /24.11‘
Draft2.3 m /7.50’
Max Speed11.5 knots
Range5000nm at 9 knots
Main engine2 x CAT C18 each 287KW
Fuel capacity35000L
Fresh water capacity3400L
Construction MaterialHull:steel 
Code ComplianceMCA LY2
AccommodationOwner/Guests : 4 cabins for 6;
Crew  : 2 cabins for 4


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