It’s an outstanding work in yacht refit. It commands the brief of Kitty’s love for the nature and our brand’s pursuit of remarkable quality. With consummate skills in refitting yachts, Kingship can just show the features of this luxury yacht and reappears its initial shine.


General Arrangement


Refit Items

  • Clean the underwater area,repair the primer and apply new anti-fouling paint.
  • Clean and grind the propellers,apply new Prospeed.
  • Remove the sea chest grids,clean and repaint.
  • Clean the hull,repair the fairing,apply new primer and topcoat paint.
  • Repaint the deck marks,draft and ship name.
  • Remove the teak decking,repair all the corroded area.
  • Fabricate and fix the new teak decking,apply new caulking.
  • Remove all sea water valves,clean,check and testing.
  • Test the piping of all systems and provide testing reports.
  • Clean the bilge and repair the bilge grey paint.
  • Remove the shaftline and replace the spares.